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Bird girls, inspired by Moonrise Kingdom

"Every new word I say makes me so afraid…" 

Wrapped - Letting Up Despite Great Faults 

Mid-summer flora and fauna of Mount Misery, Valley Forge National Park, PA. 


I will keep you from all harm


I think about pokemon in non-battle situations a lot. Like pokemon who have been trained/raised to be helpers and assistants than to be battle partners.

Pokemon visiting hospitals to cheer patients up like dogs and cats do. Or ones that help kids learn to read, speak, swim, go through therapy?! Even pokemon who’s abilities help owners with specific disabilities?!

I love thinking of pokemon outside of battle situations.

This stuff is definitely true to the series. The games talk about how people and Pokemon are partners in daily life, not just battle, and often help with construction, homelife, and medicine. 

Hi I’m Brad and I have so many opinions about Pokemon. 

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twitter doodle-comic inspired by the new Zelda trailer

*cries and flings money*

DANG! That last page killed me! 


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The Sailor Scout, Fantasy RPG set!

I don’t know Sailor Moon well, but I know what I like. 

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Just one of those things that I always wondered about. Stags and otters are all very well, but what if you end up with a tiny chameleon or giant blue whale? I mean, it could be a giant tub of nutella…

Anyway, so glad I got around to doing this pic -drawing the less attractive animals was awesome.

Popped it up on Redbubble because they have tote bags and cushions now which is just wow - can grab it also on cards or posters - check it out here!

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Kozaki Yusuke art for the new Smash Bros. fighters! ⊟

Even though I’m disappointed that Nintendo went for the predictable characters versus the more interesting (Sully and/or Donnel) to fill Smash Bros.' roster, I ain't even mad because we get new art from Kozaki Yusuke to celebrate today's reveal. Yusuke, if you're not familiar with the name from our past posts, is the incredibly talented character artist who worked on the No More Heroes series, Liberation Maiden, and Fire Emblem: Awakening.

PREORDER Super Smash Bros for Wii U/3DS, upcoming releases

I’m glad Nintendo agrees with my demands for “more Fire Emblem and Pokémon please”. 

Frame by frame in a flush of shame, dropping your head like a guillotine…” 

You Go Running - Deep Sea Diver 

Birds of Baja 


A painting I did this weekend!!!!! I also put it on dA because I’m kinda feeling dA again; sorry if you had to brush your eyes over the same pixels two times in a day :’3


Le Dragon Noir - Created by Sandra Chiem

You can also purchase this as a print at the Artist’s Shop.

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